If there is any paradise on Earth, it’s in Cinque Terre. Yes! You read it right. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a picture-perfect place. It consist of five villages namely Vernazza, Monterosso al Mare, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore.

These five villages along with the beautiful coastline and hillside make the whole Cinque Terre National Park. Negligible corporate hustle bustle makes this place one of the most popular tourist destination. If you are planning to spend some quality time with your family and friends, then Cinque Terre is a perfect place.

Are you having limited time to spend? No need to suppress your desire to visit this amazing destination just because time is a constraint. Just reach Rome and board the fastest Train to Cinque Terre, which takes about 3.5 hours.

Here we are with the best 3 day plan to make your stay extremely memorable.

Day 1- 

With so many Luxury villa rentals in Venazza, this is the best place for your base stay. Also, Vernazza is easily accessible by car, even though we recommend to come here by train . Reach here on day 1. Since you must be tired because of your journey just simply roam about on the streets for sometime or go to the coast and get sun kissed or simply mingle with the locals. By the evening you must visit the Castle and Waterfront Piazza. End you day by visiting the church built on water, followed by supper.


Day 2-

Give an early start to your day. Buy the tourist travel passes for the whole day and takes a local train to Monterosso. With a frequency of 30 minutes or less, train is one of the best ways to travel from one village to another within Clique Terre. Get your favorite place for breakfast and enjoy the view.


Its beach is great early morning

and late night

In the evening you can travel to Riomaggiore, explore that perfect natural scenery and watch the soothing sunset. Grab that perfect pizza for your dinner and travel back to Vernazza.


Pick one of Cinque Terre Riviera boat services to reach Riomaggiore.

Have drink and dinner in the famous marina. Dau Cila and Rio Bistro are amazing restaurants. Food is excellent and views incomparable.


Day 3-

The Mediterranean Sea at night.

At night, reach back to Vernazza and pack your luggage along with those beautiful memories that you are sure to carry back with you.

So now in order to explore this heaven, all you need to do is, travel to Cinque Terre, just sip their divine wine and enjoy its flavours.