If you wish to reach the Cinque Terre Riviera hiring a car or van with private driver or, in case of large parties, a bus we can offer you the best service ever.

You won’t get lost and you start enjoying Italy from the very moment you reach our country. We hire only the most reliable companies in the area so to guarantee you the safest and more relaxed journey for you and your dear ones.


We can offer a wide range of top class vehicles, depending on size of your party and baggage to be carried

Some of our cars: Mercedes E Class, Mercedes V Class and 16-seat or 54-seat Buses


Fares may vary depending on number of passengers, baggages, time of arrival/ departure  and village to be reached.

Here major destination transfer rates from the Cinque Terre Villages

Car or Minivan 1 to 8 passengers

Fares starting from

  • Pisa 250.00 euros
  • Genoa 290.00 euros
  • Santa Margherita / Rapallo / Portofino 200.00 euros
  • Florence 350.00 euros
  • Siena 460.00 euros
  • Rome Downtown orFiumicino Airport  690.00 euros
  • Venice 690.00 euros
  • Verona 520.00 euros
  • Bologna 460.00 euros
  • Como 520.00 euros
  • Bellagio / Menaggio 550.00 euros
  • Milan Malpensa 520.00 euros
  • Milan Linate or Downtown 460.00 euros

Rates include: VAT and taxes

Transfers that include airport pick-up  consider 1 hour waiting time – in case of delay, you will have to pay extra waiting time directly to your driver.

Booking fees 20.00 euros on car and van transfers, 50.00 euros on bus transfers


mail to info@cinqueterreriviera.com

Trips to Italian Tourist Attractions

And if your base is the Cinque Terre and you like taking trips to the rest of Italy please visit our page

It’s so easy to visit Pisa, Lucca, the marble caves of Carrara, Florence and Milan from the Cinque Terre

We’ll take care of all the aspects of your journey: on request restaurants, shopping, accommodation


Milan Castello Sforzesco