Cinque Terre Italy is a part of Italian Riviera. And made up of five small coastal villages Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, and Monterosso. The five hamlets are no longer as remote as they once were but there is still a lot of natural beauty to discover in this picturesque location.

How To Reach the Cinque Terre

To arrive there you have to take a train to Cinque Terre from Genoa and La Spezzia. Local trains to Cinque Terre run with high frequency. There are no direct flights to Cinque Terre since it has no airport. Flights would end at Genoa and Pisa and from there one has to avail of a local train.

Where To Stay

To stay one can rent villas in Cinque Terre. There are many villas for rental in Vernazza with prices starting for as little as $100 per day.

Cinque Terre is a vacation spot with enduring appeal, and it is not possible to enjoy it fully in a day. It really is the type of place where one should stay longer. Rent a villa or room in Cinque Terre and spend an extended weekend or perhaps a week, relaxing at a waterfront table in Vernazza, sipping a glass of wine, listening to birdsong and drinking in the alluring beauty of the rugged landscape and the sea.

Night life In Cinque Terre

Nightlife is not usually the most satisfactory tourist pastime one can indulge in while spending their vacation in Cinque Terre. Almost the entire nighttime buzz revolves around a prolonged dinner while watching the sunset. There is a very little opportunity for clubbing in these quiet sleepy villages. Late evening activities involve spending time at bars in Monterosso and Riomaggiore.

Some of the more stimulating destinations a traveler might visit during the late evening include:

Bar La Conchiglia, Riomaggiore – The Bar La Conchiglia is located in a unique position, in front of the sea of Riomaggiore. It provides a superb view of the Cinque Terre, with the possibility to order sandwiches, aperitifs and so on. Do not miss the sunset from the terrace.

Cinque Terre Night Life

Bar Centrale, Riomaggiore – The popular bar overlooks the main street of Riomaggiore, few hundred meters from the train station and the sea. It has a wooden veranda, ideal during the summer to relax with a Peroni after a day out at sea or trekking. In addition to drinks and coffee, sandwiches and aperitifs are also available. It is one of the few places open even at night.

Il Casello, Monterosso – The Casello is located in the old central square of the village, along the slope that leads to the trail to Vernazza, overlooking the sea. It has a terrace with a unique view and mainly serves seafood – seafood salad appetisers and stuffed mussels, seafood risotto, spaghetti with seafood, stuffed mussels, fry, anchovies of Monterosso, trofie al pesto and grilled fish.

Fast Bar, Monterosso – The Fast Bar is located in the historic center of Monterosso, in Via Roma. It is ideal for quick bites, sandwiches, bruschetta, salads or a beer in the evening, cocktails and wines. You can enjoy watching football matches and other sports here.

Blue Marlin Pub, Vernazza – the owner’s love for music (there’s also a piano in this pub) makes it the very best place to stay and enjoy good music any time of the day. Very often the pub organises live music concerts. Stay tuned with us to know about them