How to reach the Cinque Terre from Venice

No better choice for those who want to live a fantastic Italian experience: Venice + Cinque Terre, an amazing, rewarding holiday in the magical land of culture and great landscapes!

With Trenitalia you can now easily reach the Cinque Terre by train.

There’s for now a connection via Florence to La Spezia, it takes less than 5 hours. If you leave at 9:35 a.m. for instance from Venice Santa Lucia you reach La Spezia at 2:27 passing through Florence.

And if you prefer going by car with driver Cinque Terre Riviera can provide you with the best and safest service . The journey will, take approx. 4 hours 30 min.

Driving from Venice to Liguria would also offer you opportunities for visiting additional towns, Mantova, full of history, or Parma and the surrounding area of Parmesan Cheese and Zibello Ham.

And if you like driving your own car you can find useful info clicking here

After your visit to Venice we suggest you to add a stay in Manarola, which is said the most intellectual one of the five villages on the Liguria coastline,

or in Monterosso, the liveliest of the five

Venice plus Cinque Terre is really a great travel suggestion for all travellers looking for romantic, educational, relaxing, amusing and unique places:

  •  couples willing to celebrate their love
  •  families with children willing to show new generation beauty at its best
  •  single travellers wishing to find a place on their own
  •  friends who want to hike and explore, enjoy good wine and excellent food
  • honeymooners and couples looking for a place where to celebrate their wedding and honeymoon

During our last family trip to Venice, before going back to Cinque Terre, we had such a fantastic time and, staying with our kids in a comfortable apartment, we felt like being part of the town and would like not to leave it… Churches, Museums, Parks, Bridges and Calli where all around us and we felt like being inside them, in a total community of feelings and enjoyment.

Pick your property near San Marco or Rialto and you’ll be walking distance to all

I Gondolieri, always smiling and ready to take you around for a memorable trip, starting from 100 eur

If it’s clear do not miss going up to the bell tower, the view will leave you breathless, but, when the the bells start…close your ears!

and if the the rains comes and water level goes up on San Marco, strange and amusing could be taking unusual reflections pics…

Art will be all around you, in and out of the museums… And shopping, well, if your pocket is full of money, it’s absolutely gorgeous

And then, when last Ciao has been given to Venice…

And now a fe suggestions for your Cinque Terre Stay

– Manarola has rocks and cliffs and a small marina where boats arrive and connect it to the other four hamlets of the Cinque Terre and to La Spezia. It is served by train and can also be easily reached by car, from the highway passing through La Spezia and taking the panoramic road called “Litoranea” (coastal route). Public car parking is small and when parking spots are full you have to park at additional spots along the main road, served anyway by the National Park shuttle buses.

Cinque Terre Riviera offers in Manarola lovely properties all with amazing sea views

L’Artista in Manarola

 Monterosso has long, equipped beaches and it is split up into two areas, Old Village and Fegina, connected by a pedestrian tunnel along the promenade. In Fegina we have the train station, while in in the Old Village we find the boat pier. Both areas can be accessed by separate roads and have larger car parking areas (even though now, after last October flash flood , the car parking area in the Old Village cannot be used and access by car is suggested from Fegina)