The best way to reach Monterosso in the Cinque Terre

How to get to Monterosso by car.

We know that there’s Google maps and it’s a great to help all of us to find the right way. BUT when it comes to getting into and around small Italian villages, it’s always better to have a bit more knowledge on the roads you’ll be driving.

And trust us, sometimes, GPS makes you take a longer way.  Especially when it comes to get to Monterosso.

It happened so many times to our guests; Monterosso has two areas separate to public traffic and the GPS might take you to one side, when your vacation rental is on the other side.

What to do ?

  1. First of all check if your destination is Monterosso Loc. Fegina or Monterosso Centro Storico (Old Village).
  2. When you approach Monterosso b y car either from La Spezia or from Levanto you will reach a diversion point, Località La Gritta. You can recognise it because immediately past the diversion sign there’s a Monterosso Alto Hotel 
  3. Then follow the direction provided to reach your booked property of the closest car parking to it



Are the two sides of Monterosso connected?

Do not trust the GPS. It will direct you as if you can cross from one side to the other of the village.  Wrong!  Only taxis can drive through. You cannot drive through the village from one side to the other.

So, if you take the wrong direction, you will have to drive back uphill to get to the other side! Now you should know everything on how to get to Monterosso by car.

Enjoy your trip!