Are you travelling to Vernazza Cinque Terre from Rome?

Here all the info you need to get

The Leonardo express

To reach Rome train station (Roma Termini) from Rome airport, take The Leonardo Express to ROMA TERMINI.
The Leonardo Express train service has a website (click here) from which you can purchase tickets in advance if you wish.  A one-way ticket from the airport to the train station is 14 euros per person.
The Leonardo Express trains run every 15 minutes (during certain times of the day service may pass to one train every 30 minutes).
According to the website, the Leonardo Express trains depart from Platforms 23/24.

For train schedules and prices of tickets from ROMA TERMINI to VERNAZZA, please check the website.  Click here to run searches on for specific train times and check train ticket prices.

The train tickets to the Cinque Terre via La Spezia.

Please, note that you will have to buy first a ticket from Rome to La Spezia and then a regional ticket from La Spezia to Vernazza on the so called Cinque Terre Express line.

The train from Rome to La Spezia can take 3.30 to to 4 hours depending on the train you catch (inter-city, regional, eurostar etc) and you’ll be able to reserve a seat.

The ride costs around 43 to 56 euros per one-way ticket.

Validate your Train Tickets

Once you purchase your train tickets, remember to VALIDATE your train tickets before you board.

Remember, any time you take a train in Italy, if it has no reserved seats, you need to have it validated by the auto-stamping machine (usually a yellow or green squarish box, around the train platforms) before you get on the train.
Slide the ticket into the machine, you’ll hear it get stamped, and then take the ticket with you onto the board.

When in Vernazza

Once you arrive in Vernazza train station, take the stairs down and you’ll be right in the main street.
Walking down the main street, via Roma, you’ll get to the main square, the one facing the sea in approx. 300 mt downhill.
If you’re looking for our office (Cinque Terre Riviera) because you reserved a room/apartment with us in Vernazza or if you’re looking for a place to stay in Vernazza, we are located 60 meters after the train station stairs on the left side.

You may want to take a look at our apartments and rooms to rent in Vernazza.

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