Kayaking the Cinque Terre Waters – Simply Amazing

Renting a kayak and going exploring the area is one of the cheapest and most rewarding activities in the area.

Reservation cannot be taken for this kind of rental. We suggest to go early to the pier or beach of each village and get the priority of renting a canoe.

Renting a kayak will give you a sense of freedom and you will feel part of the environment, just one thing with the waters and the scenery in front of you.

You can rent single or double kayaks 
Single kayak 5 €/hour
Double kayak 10

Paddle like a local and reach the most secluded beaches and spots of the Cinque Terre Coastline.

In Vernazza the boat companies have many units so usually you always have a chance to get a kayak. Eventually you can stay on a list and in half a hour you will get your canoe.

You can spend the waiting time lying on the nearby beach or sitting at a table of one of the cafeterias and pubs on the main square.

Remember to bring your ID card that you will have to handle the boat company staff as a guarantee of return.

In case you prefer renting a boat (up to 5 passengers) you can visit our page dedicated to Boat Tours in the Cinque Terre